2013-01-01 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 12:10pm by Roman Paryz with 18 members present.



·         Roman said thanks for the turnout for the Christmas party.



·         Lance Pendleton gave an explanation of the new PayPal system mentioning payments for club dues and such could be
       accepted by credit cards and that a $5 fee will be added to every transaction.   Motion made by Jeff Dalton to allow the use
       of PayPal with the $5 charge and was seconded by Tony Stelly.  Motion passed unanimously.
·         Roman explained his idea of creating a cross wind runway at the north end of the field.  A picture of the proposed runway
       was available.  Everyone agreed it was a good idea. The runway will be cut in soon and rules established.

·         Roman appointed Ty Keith and Patrick Mason as club safety officers.

·         Charlie Dixon will be the new web-master

·         Notice was taken that a repair to the fence along Morris Ditto needs to be done.

·         Shed was broken into again, nothing stolen.  

·         Jay Rotte signed as a new member

·         9 members renewed their memberships.

·         The 2012 lock will be removed February 5th, which is the next club meeting.



·         Unavailable



·         None



·         Damon Jones


Meeting adjourned at 12:28pm and Hotdogs eaten
Following the meeting, Roman was approached with an idea about possibly putting on an event in the early spring.  After Roman talked it over with Jeff and Lance, they agreed that it was a great idea.
The event is to raise money for the club and if well attended should make allot of money for the club.  An email was sent out by Roman.  The reason for the email is to put it out there for members to consider hosting the event.  The event will be a 2 day event  for the club on April 12 through the 13th.  We will want to sanction the event ASAP.  The landing fee will be 25 dollars for both days and include a BBQ dinner. 
The event is called "Giant Scale Fly-in & 3D Bash".
However, not to be mislead by the title is the event is open to all size planes and styles of flying, but it's flavored to draw in the giant scale crowd.  War birds, IMAC Scale etc.  So if your plane has wings and can fly it is welcome by my standards.  We are going have a hover contest and a simple air race at the event.  However, these will be participation based.  The air race will be geared toward anybody.  In a nutshell, for the air race it will be a down and back pass. The down wind pass will be a roll and the up wind pass be a loop.  Smoke is optional and adds to the wow factor and it will timed. 
We need to see if anybody opposed to the event.   Please let Roman know by the 11th of January. 
If you have any question feel free to contact Roman, Jeff or Lance.
More details to come on the event.  Lance is checking on couple things with the core to make the event even more spectacular. 
 Crosswind Runway