2013-02-05 Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2013
Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:00pm by Roman Paryz with 31 members present.
• January meeting minutes accepted by club members
• Last year’s lock to be removed after meeting
• Field shed has new lock
• PayPal up and running to accept payments
• New cross wind run way is cut in and ready for use
• 2013 dues are needed to stay as an active club member
• Training will start April 9th
• Patrick Mason talked about safety while using the new runway.  Rules are being updated for new runway.
• Ty Keith observed a group of individuals at the field during the night and contacted the Tarrant County Sheriff’s office.  The individuals were camping behind the portable toilet in the trees.  Sheriff’s office removed individuals.  Lance is working on an open records request to obtain the call sheet for that night.
• Charlie Dixon updating information on club website.
• Field maintenance day planned for a day in April (TBD).  Fill in pot holes, rolling, mowing, seeding and fertilizing.
• Several members would like to have a control line area installed.
• Giant Scale & 3D event planned for April 13th & 14th.
• Night fly dates are July 6th, August 10th, and September 7th.
• Memorial fun fly is planned for May 26th and events are being considered.
• SPA event is set for Sept 7th & 8th.
• Fall Charity Fun Fly is set for  October 19th & 20th
• Methods for contacting members in emergency and important cases were discussed to allow the use of email.  Motion made by Barney Hudson and seconded by Blake Stoltz.  Voting will occur at the March meeting.
• Several members wanted the bi-laws to be reworded differently for helicopters.  They want to be able to fly on the main runway instead of the current helicopter flying location.  Motion made by Greg Fierst and seconded by Blake Stoltz.  Voting will occur at the March meeting.
• David Hill spoke about having continuing education classes in the summer for high school aged students on the fundamentals of flying and modeling.  He is looking for 1 or 2 instructors and helpers. Dates are TBD, but planning on July time frame.
• Roman would like to give complimentary club memberships to Roy’s Hobby Shop, JT’s hobby shop and Airport Pawn and Hobby.
• Fort Worth Thunderbirds is hosting 3 events
    1. SAE design March 14th – 17th.
    2. SPA April 27th
    3. Warbirds May 4th
• Weatherford swap meet March 15th & 16th

• Lance Pendleton stated the club charter will be mailed out for 2013 shortly.  The club has enough funds available to pay for next year’s lease, next year’s club charter and to be able to help fund the planned club events for this year (fun flies, Christmas party, etc). 
• The club currently has 61 current members for 2013. 
• Elton Rhoten displayed his electric Sig Cadet.  He demonstrated the LED lights he installed that illuminated the clear mono coat in red, white and blue colors.
• Billy Talmadge was the lucky winner.

Special Monthly Award
• Patrick Mason received the award for January.  Next month’s winner is undetermined.

Meeting adjourned 8:11 pm, next meeting March 5th.


Feb 2013 Meeting