2013-04-02 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:00pm by Roman Paryz with 28 members present.



·          Jeff Dalton talked about Christmas Party plans.  This year’s party will be December 7th located at the Spring Creek BBQ, 6701 Lake Worth, 76135, 817-238-9210.  The reason for the location change is because at the old location there was going to be a fee involved. 

·          TxWings was awarded the Silver Leader club award, all members present received a pin. Please contact Lance Pendleton if you would like a pin as well.  The club also received a plaque from the AMA for becoming a silver leader club.    



·          Flight training is underway for 2013. 

·          Charlie Dixon and Roman are updating information on the club website.

·          Field maintenance is still trying to be done.  Field rolling will occur when we receive enough rain to do so.

·          Giant Scale & 3D event planned for April 13th & 14th.  Need volunteers for various jobs.

·          Night fly dates are July 6th, August 10th, and September 7th.

·          Memorial fun fly is planned for May 26th and games are being considered.

·          SPA event is set for Sept 7th & 8th.

·          Fall Charity Fun Fly is set for  October 19th & 20th

·          Fort Worth Thunderbirds is hosting 3 events

1.      SPA April 27th

2.      Warbirds May 4th

·          Jeff brought in his ¼ scale Piper Cub that he has been working on since October. The cub will have a 9 ft wing span.  Still has a long ways to go before the first flight.

·          We have three new club members.  Shawn Meader and wife Angie, Alan Bedsworth and Jim Hosfett.

·          Alan displayed 2 very large fiberglass rockets.  Alan is a member of a rocket club in Miami, Fl and has many times flown rockets up to 10,000 ft.   

·          Barney Hudson has been working hard on the control line field located at the north west corner of the field.  He is requesting any help he can get to speed along the process.  If you can help please contact TxWings and we can let Barney know.

·          Some safety issues where brought up.  Please remember there is no taxing of planes in the pit areas.  All planes must be carried to the designated taxi area.  If you have any questions where you can and cannot taxi, please contact a club officer for clarification.

·          Some future field improvements were discussed and some of the ideas are electricity, water, better storage area and a new(er) lawn mower.

·          Tim Reed Presented Craig Carson with a plaque for his generous help with club events.  Craig played a vital role in many of the TxWings events in 2012. 

·          It is the responsibility of every club member that rules are followed.  Remember that visiting pilots must be invited by a current club member, be in good standing with the AMA and are limited to 3 visits per calendar year in close proximity.  Any questions please contact a club officer and/or refer to the TxWings club rules.




·          Lance gave the treasure’s report and stated the club is still looking good financially and also gave the account balance.

·          The club currently has 69 current members for 2013.



·          Greg Fierst was the lucky winner.


Special Monthly Award

·          Barney received the award for his hard work and planning of the control line field. 


Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm, next meeting May 7th.