2013-05-07 Meeting Minutes


May 7, 2013

Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened at 7:00pm by Roman Paryz with 23 members present.



·          Field was rolled and aerated

·          Plans for Christmas Party are under way.  Party is set to be at Spring Creek BBQ, 6701 Lake Worth, 76135, 817-238-9210,on December 7th. 

·          Giant Scale Fly-In was a success.  Look for pictures on website.  

·          Roman, Jeff Dalton, Lance Pendleton, Ty & Deb Keith, Shawn & Angie Meador Patrick & Mimi Mason attended the Texarkana Big Bird Fly-In.  Lots of great pilots and planes.  A crawfish boil was served on Friday night and on Saturday BBQ chicken was served. 

·          Tony Stelly, Tim Reed and Gary Alphin attended the Thunderbird SPA event.  Tony placed 2nd in novice, Tim placed 3rd in novice and Gary placed 2nd in sportsmen.  Congratulation and thanks for representing TxWings.



·          Flight training is going well.  Have only lost 1 model this year. 

·          Charlie Dixon showed the improvements to the website.  He has worked hard and the site is looking better.

·          Night fly dates are July 6th, August 10th, and September 7th.

·          Memorial fun fly is planned for May 26th.  Contest will be: Bean Loop and Roll, Limbo, Spins and Twist, Balloon Pop during flight and spot landing.  Pot luck lunch will be served.  Need members to bring something for the pot luck. 

·          SPA event is set for Sept 7th & 8th.

·          Fall Charity Fun Fly is set for  October 19th & 20th

·          Control Line field is coming along as planned.

·          Still looking for a new and better storage facility. 

·          The pull behind mower is not useful to the club and is considering being sold to have the money put towards a new mower.

·          Considering changing the wording to the current field rule pertaining to Visiting Fliers.  The topic was discussed but put on hold.

·          Run up stand and tables need maintenance.  If someone knows anything about what materials would be needed to repair them please contact the club at tx.wings.rc@gmail.com

·          Roman, Tony, Lance and Greg attended the boy scout camping event located down the road from the field.  Roman and Tony did a great job flying in the strong winds.  Several Scout leaders did the best at flying as well.  Thanks for representing TxWings.

·          Tim brought in two Dirty Birdies that are still under construction.  Explained some about laminate bulker material and its uses. 

·          Special thanks for Greg Fierst for keeping the field mowed and using his persona mower.  Tony and John Ebert also helped last month in mowing.  Thanks for your contributions to the club.    

·          Please welcome two new members: Pat Ensign and Neil Poort.  Welcome to TxWings.




·         No safety concerns we brought up.



·          Lance gave the treasure’s report and stated the club is still looking good financially.  The April event made money for the club. 

·          The club currently has 78 current members for 2013.



·          William Nickell was the lucky winner.



·          Tony received the award for his hard luck after losing his dirty birdie. 


Meeting adjourned 8:08 pm, next meeting June 7th.