2013-09-03 Meeting Minutes

September 3rd Meeting Agenda

Meeting opened at 7:00pm by Jeff Dalton with 21 members present.



·         AMA Silver pin (who didn’t get one)



·         Flight training is going well.  Last Tuesday (Aug 27th) had 4 students and 1 instructor. 

·         Charlie Dixon brought up the idea to create a Facebook page for the club, he will be working on that soon.  Motion was made by Joel Rickertsen, 2nd by Greg Fierst.  Motion passed.

·         Night fly date September 7th.

·         SPA event is September 7th & 8th     

·         Fall Charity Fun Fly has been rescheduled for November 10th.

·         Members agreed the club needs a better storage container.  Containers quotes were given, a 20ft is $2500 or less, 40ft is $3300 or less with a set fee for delivery of $200.  Jeff and Lance and anyone else will be going to physically look at containers before the next scheduled meeting and will bring back more information.   Motion was made by Steve Darilek, 2nd by Greg.  Motion passed unanimously.  Club will vote next month to approve purchase.

·         Special thanks for Greg for keeping the field mowed and using his personal mower.  Club members voted to comp Greg for his 2014 club membership.  Motion made by Steve, 2nd by Barney Hudson.  Motion passed.

·         AMA/Club renewals begin September 15th.

·         Members liked the idea of having a chili cook off fun fly in the coming cooler months.  Event planning and ideas soon to come.

·         That time of the year is here to have two club locks on the gate.  PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL LOCKS ARE FUNCTIONAL.  CLUB LOCKS SHOULD BE LOCKED TOGETHER SO EITHER LOCK CAN BE USED TO UNLOCK THE GATE.  THERE IS A THIRD LOCK THAT BELONGS TO THE GAS COMPANY, IT ALSO NEEDS TO BE FUNCTIONAL.  If anyone has any questions about this, contact a club officer or email at tx.wings.rc@gmail.com

·         Frequency box needs new wooden dowels and clothes pins, some pins have been broken off in the holes.     

·         Members voted to add a new by-law to prorate new memberships after July 1st.  Motion made by Greg, 2nd by Steve, motion passed.

§  Refer to Article V, section 2 Qualifications for Membership of the Texas Wings RC Club Bi-Laws.

§  2. New member is any person who has never been a member of the Texas Wings RC Club or who has been an inactive member for 2 years or more.

§  3. Dues will be reduced to $50.00 from July 1st to December 31st   



·       Remember to place you membership card or current AMA card in the frequency box before you fly.



·         Lance gave the treasure’s report and stated the club is still looking good financially.    

·         The club currently has 81 current members for 2013.



·         Al Capps was the lucky winner.



·         Patrick Mason has received the award for the 2nd time this year.  He unfortunately lost his 150cc Yak due to a wing bold backing out during flight. 


Meeting adjourned 8:01 pm, next meeting October 1st.