2013-10-01 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:00pm by Jeff Dalton with 25 members present.



·         Tim Reed talked about the SPA event having 17 registered pilots.  He mentioned the winners of the raffles where Greg Fierst and Mark Ehlers won the Nova Rossi engines and Frank Halpin won the dirty birdie.  In the B Novice: 1st Frank Reed, 2nd Greg Fierst, and 3rd Charles Dixon.  Novice: 1st Gary Nelson, 2nd Tony Stelly, 3rd Tim Reed.  Sportsmen: 1st Gary Alphin, 2nd Mark Ehlers, 3rd Jonathan Efinger.

·         The night fly was a great time, had about 8 to 10 pilots.

·         Joel Rickertsen donated 50 frequency pins for the frequency box.  Thanks Joel.



·         Flight training is going well.  Terry Hall is learning to fly and is about to start landing.  Last Training day is October 29th.

·         Charlie Dixon’s idea to make a facebook page was voted in today and will be created soon.

·         A club incident was discussed about a non-member flying at the field without an inviting member present.  The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office was called out the field and the person was issued a criminal trespass warning. 

·         Fall Charity Fun Fly has been rescheduled for November 10th.

·         That time of the year is here to have two club locks on the gate.  PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL LOCKS ARE FUNCTIONAL.  CLUB LOCKS SHOULD BE LOCKED TOGETHER SO EITHER LOCK CAN BE USED TO UNLOCK THE GATE.  THERE IS A THIRD LOCK THAT BELONGS TO THE GAS COMPANY, IT ALSO NEEDS TO BE FUNCTIONAL.  If anyone has any questions about this, contact a club officer or email at tx.wings.rc@gmail.com

·         An idea of a winter building contest was brought.  A handful of member are interested in doing this.  Jeff said he would have more information next meeting such as what type of kit and an approximate cost.



·       Please remember to use the designated pilot boxes and if you are flying with another pilot, stay close to each other and out of the taxi way.

·       Remember if there is already a pilot flying, take off in the same pattern as the other pilot.  

·       No alcohol products are to be on the premises at any time.  This is a contract agreement with the land owner as well as a TxWings rule.



·         Lance gave the treasure’s report and stated the club is still looking good financially.    

·         We have started renewing club memberships for 2014.



·         Jeff was the lucky winner.



·       Joel brought in hos hex copter.  The hex copter is a DJI Flamewheel F550, flight controller is the Naza-M v2 with GPS. Camera is a Hero 3 mounted in the Zenmuse H3-2D brushless gimbal. Video downlink is a 5.8 GHz system with the iOSD module to overlay aircraft position and flight information on the remote monitor.  The aircraft has a Bluetooth link for wireless configuration and tuning. Also mounted is a 2.4 GHz datalink for ground station connectivity. A PC or iPad can be used to plot waypoints, fly a saved flight plan, or simply control the aircraft in free flight.  A separate battery is used for the video downlink and lights, but the main power is a 4S 5000 mah battery that gives 10 minute flight.


Meeting adjourned 7:50 pm, next meeting November 5th.