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Texas Wings Memorial Fun Fly

On May 26th we will have our annual club Memorial Day fun fly, after taking a year off for rebuilding the event, it will be back and better than ever. This is open to club  and family members only and like our Christmas Party we will have a potluck lunch.  The day will be open flying with the occasionally closing the field as needed for a quick event, events will also be held during open flying and based on the honor system. Cheaters will be found and heckled. 

We will also have a series of mini "Fun Spirited" events in which we will compete for bragging rights. The events will be a minimal cost of $2.00 per plane and the same plane doesn't have to be used per event. Sailplanes and planes without landing gear may be used at the discretion of the coordinator. The winner of the fun event will receive half and the remaining will go to the club. 

Event signups will be 2 dollars per event of which 1st place receives half winnings and the remaining goes back into the club. We will also have a 50/50 raffle if so desired. For the event you can register more than one plane and the same plane doesn’t have to be used for the entire event. Sailplanes and planes without landing gear may be used at the discretion of the coordinator.


Event 1: Bean Loop/ Roll Extravaganza: Field open to sport flying

Pilot will perform 2 flights with the plane of their choosing but must be used for both flights and bean carrying cup must remaining in the same location for both flight (no modifications after flight 1). Pilot will be provided with 10 beans and 1 cup. Cup can be place anywhere and anyhow on the plane they choose, however the beans must be able to freely leave and or enter the cup.

Flight 1- pilot must take off perform a loop with beans and land successfully*. Total number beans to be tallied after flight

Flight 2 pilot must take off perform 1 roll with the beans (refilled to 10) and land successfully.   Total number of beans to be tallied after the flight

Winner = Pilot with highest total of beans after both flights is the winner. Tie breakers are as follows:

Flight 3 1 loop and 1 roll

Flight 4 2 consecutive loops and 2 consecutive rolls

Flight 5 ….


Event 2: How Low can you go. Field closed to sport flying

Pilot will take off and fly under the limbo line. We will start off with a 4’ limbo line and lower it as we go. You have two attempts to clear the line per flight. If both attempts are failed you are out. Final pilot to clear the lowest line will win. Pilot must successfully land after their attempt.


Event 3: Spins and twist are us. Field open to sport flying

Pilot will take off and have 60 seconds and to climb and put plane into an upright or inverted flat spin. The number of full spins (twist) acceptable until the pull out will be counted. Pilot has three attempts at the maximum number of spins. Pilot will declare an attempt prior to take and must land successfully after spin.

Tie break to be determined by fly off.


Event 4: 60 sec POP. Field closed to sport flying 

Pilot will have to 60 sec to taxi out from the designated start and burst as many balloons as possible with the prop(s). if the motor dies signifies end of event. If plane is airborne the pilot may land and continue to burst balloons. Each pilot will have the same amount of balloons on the runway. Maximum number of balloons popped wins. Tie breaker will be a second round less 15 seconds.


Event 5: Bull’s-eye Field open to sport flying

Pilot will take off fly the pattern and land successfully with the motor still running on the landing gear and all pieces still intact. Pilot to declare attempt prior to take off.  Closet to the bull’s-eye wins. If there’s a tie breaker there will be a fly off.


Contact Roman Paryz for details

Disclaimer: Event Coordinator may change rules at will up until the event starts.